A Reluctant Betrothal - Amanda  Weaver
As much as I enjoyed the first and second books in this series, this third book wasn't quite as good. I feel like it was just a series of conversations. I know things really did happen, but when I think back over the book, it just seems like a lot of talk and thinking. I need to ponder on this a bit. Full review to follow.

My Review of the series:
Each of these books could have been read as a stand alone. They are not written so closely that they aren't whole stories all on their own. In fact, the connection is rather slight among the three books. It's explained in the first book, A Duchess in Name, mostly to explain the relationship between the three girls and to set the stage for who they are and how they know each other. It also explains the "Grantham" aspect. Grantham is the name of their teacher, their finishing teacher. When you are finished by Lady Grantham, you are prepared to face the real world and find a husband who can support you in decent style.

The first and second books were quite lovely and the girls did their job and found gentlemen who could support them in more than decent style. In fact, Victoria ended up in grand style and quite in love with her handsome husband. And, of course, Amelia had been in love with Natty since they were children. And he can support her in high style, too.

The third book in the series just didn't appeal to me as much as the first two did. The Reluctant Betrothal is about Grace. She starts her story without any money and it seems to create a chip on her shoulder that she doesn't seem to lose through the whole story. Even her HEA ending doesn't seem to be so happy. I did give it three stars since it was well written. But there just didn't seem to be enough life in it. It seemed a bit sad the whole way through.

The third book, The Reluctant Betrothal, was provided to me by Carina Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley