The Wedding Shop - Rachel Hauck
Yes, this is worthy of being a follow on to The Wedding Dress. As much as I loved that book, I had to be sure that this was as well done. And it is! My full review will follow very soon!

My Review:
I requested this from NetGalley because I had loved The Wedding Dress and thought this book was a sequel. Well, inspite of the fact that it does follow the story of the dress, it is actually the sequel to The Wedding Chapel, which I haven't read, yet. Of course, I am going to as soon as I have a moment. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~Judi E. Easley

I classified this as both an historical and contemporary romance in my GoodReads lists because both of the love stories are so deeply involved and so well told. I also classified it as womens' lit because it was women helping women throughout. You had mothers helping daughters. Bosses helping employees. Employees helping bosses. Experienced entrepreneurs helping newbies. Richer ladies helping helping younger striving women. Shopkeepers helping brides. And brides helping dreamers. When women reach out to other women, they can really change the world, or at least their little corner of it. And I think that's all you can expect to change on any given day.

All the characters are well developed and explored. I held out hope until almost the last minute with Cora. I dreamed about the shop right along with Haley. Rachel Hauck has created another gem in this line of wedding dreams. I very much look forward to reading The Wedding Chapel. I'm sure it won't disappoint. And I feel confident recommending it to you along with both The Wedding Dress and The Wedding Shop. These both are also on my Favorites list on GoodReads.