The Unearthly (The Unearthly Series) (Volume 1) - Laura Thalassa

Maybe I should have written the review after I read just this one, but I waited until I read the second book as well and because they flow together so seamlessly, I can't separate them in my mind, so this is for the two books as one. Adopted and not knowing anything about her past, Gabrielle goes off to a school that she can attend only because of who and what she is. She is the daughter of her father and mother, but who were they and what does that make her is what she finds out. Not your usual school curriculum. Dying isn't usually part of the curriculum either, but it happens to Gabrielle. Her Awakening goes a little awry, because dying wasn't planned. But once she kicks her way out of a metal drawer in the morgue, she gets her mentor. Her mentor is none other than the king of the vampires and the much sought after Andre. Yes, she's died and awakened a vampire like her father. She's also a siren as her mother. She has one other little secret that really has Andre taking notice. And then there are those dreams she has that seem to be getting more intense. Just who is that man in the suit? She doesn't dare ask anyone. Feelings are running high against the only vampire at school and the whispering is hard for her to ignore. She feels very much isolated in spite of her good friends, Leanne, Oliver and Caleb. It's a fast paced fascinating story and now I have to go order the third book from Amazon so I can get the rest of the story!