Black Keys (The Colorblind Trilogy Book 1) - Rose B. Mashal
What a book for our time. This is the first romance I've read that addresses the Arab Muslim situation head on. The author really portrays the vicious, hateful American very well. Did I forget to mention, ignorant, as in uneducated? Judging all the people of a faith and culture by the actions of a few. That would be like judging all Protestants who meet in church on Sunday mornings by the standards of the Manson Family. Not fair you say? Well, yes, you're right. It's not fair to judge a large group by the actions of a few. So why do Americans continue to do it?

In Black Keys, Marie starts to gain an education and learn about Islam. She learns that Arabs are people and that they worship God. Once she is back in the US, she learns that Muslims are just people and that they have been horribly mistreated on a daily basis right in front of her and she had never noticed. She also learns that one particular Arab is too good to be parted from.

Normally, I would be hitting the 3-star rating button at this point, because the story doesn't end in this book. However, the author has served up such a story so far, that I feel she has already done justice to the idea of writing a book. This book could have ended right here, but it doesn't. It is enough of a story that you could end it and call it complete. But there's another book to read, White Locks. And I've just downloaded it.

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