Hostile Takeover - Phyllis J. Piano
This was Fantastic! I really wasn't expecting that, but it was. A full review soon.

My Review:
This was sent to me by NetGalley and the publisher as a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~Judi E. Easley

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a cozy read. It didn't strain my brain any or challenge me in any way. It was just a really good read. Here's a gal who's working in her field of taking over other companies with her boss, who's a mentor and friend. Then along comes a bigger shark to take over her company. Then the shark turns around and she sees his face. A face from her past!

She's a widow. But now this beloved face from her past is suddenly in front of her. He betrayed her. And then there's his brother, who was like a brother to her. He says she needs to listen and trust. She wants to believe, but can she trust?

The author does a really good job of blending stories from the past and present and helping the people involved heal and go forward. It has been said by another reviewer that this is a bit like Robyn Carr, and I must agree. There is that softness to it that she brings to her books even in the worst of situations. And the knowing that you'll have a happy ending. And there is, a happy ending. I recommend this one!