Royal Rock: A Bad Boy Royal Romance - B. B. Hamel
This bad boy's found his bad little girl.

B. B. Hamel definitely has a way with words. The words she uses most frequently aren't necessarily ones that some readers will want to read. So while I can say her story concept was really good and her characters were well drawn, her execution was a bit raw. Yes, it probably is appropriate to the characters and situations involved. That doesn't make it anymore palatable. Aside from the language, there is an aspect of the story being a very restricted slice of life. There's not much description of the settings or of other people. There's not even much description of the main characters, just enough to enable you to see them sketched in on your mental stage. But there's plenty of action and conversation to tell the story.

I would recommend this book, and probably any other in this series for readers who enjoy romances a bit on the rough and graphic side. This is certainly not for those looking for sweet romantic scenes.