Needled to Death - Maggie Sefton
This gal's life is just unbelievable. She's working from home DC to almost Wyoming as an accountant. Living in the house she inherited from her aunt who was murdered in the last book. Now she's inherited 300 acres in WY with 500 head of cattle, 100 sheep and a small alpaca herd from another aunt who died just at the end of the last book. She has a Rottweiler who keeps escaping from the backyard and stealing golfballs from the country club next door. A great guy crazy about her that she's keeping at arms length. An ever growing circle of friends at the yarn shop who are teaching her to knit. And she's messing around trying to solve a double murder by forcing a confession out of a person! Somehow it just sort of comes off as a bit disjointed. I enjoyed the story and the characters, but the writing needs work. Maybe the authors third book will be smoother. If not, I give up.