The Bride Wore Dead, A Josie Tucker Mystery - EM Kaplan
Hmmm, a strange one, but not necessarily a bad one. In fact it was quite good. Josie's not really likable, she's too prickly for that. But people take to her and talk to her. The situations a bit unbelievable, but it's a story, not real life. She talks to everyone on her list and they talk to her. She knows what happened to the poor mistreated bride because the killer stood there and told her while she was digging her own grave. But she wasn't quite dead when they buried her, so she didn't stay buried. She walked to the 7-11 and called for help. Now the problem is someone else's and she can recover and get her own life straightened out and fall in love. A happy ending? Well, we will just have to see where her new relationship with the mother of the two killers leads her in her next book.