The Wanderer - Robyn Carr
OMG! She did it! How, I don't know, but she did. Author Robyn Carr has created a series that's as good as Virgin River! Thunder Point is awesome! I've read the first 5 books so far...I only stopped there because book 6 isn't in print yet! You start out meeting Hank Cooper "Coop" and then you meet Deputy McCain AKA Deputy Yummy Pants, his three children, Gina, her mother, and her daughter, and it just goes on from there. In each book you meet a new character of two and just keep adding them into the mix. You get to know all these people and all their secrets. You watch some of them fall in love, some of them grow up, and some of them get hurt or in trouble. Most of all, you see how the whole town pulls together to help each and every one as they need it. I can hardly wait for book number 26! Yup, I said 26, I want a lot more of this series!