Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas
Not quite as fantastic as the previous book, but still really good. Not enough difference to lose a star. I'm getting some of my suspicions confirmed in this one. One thing about this book is that I feel like I've been running around inside those dark tunnels with Celaena, going round and round in the dark. I loved the tunnel scene when Celaena counts the doors and figures out where she is. The atmosphere is spectacular. Ms. Maas creates such a solid feel to the whole scene, and I mean that as in rock solid. The doors loom hugely in my mind and seem impermeable.

In part, I feel that the prince is a weak character. In spite of his learning and power, his personality seems a bit on the dull side. Maybe I'm just expecting too much of a geek, but I feel this weakness in him is what keeps Celaena holding him at arm's length. She knows she could walk all over him. While Chaol is off the charts in character and personality. He may not hold the same power that Dorian does, but he is the stronger character. Definitely a good match for Celaena. Now that the trio has gone to the edge and come back, they all have new directions to go in. In the next book, Heir of Fire, I'm hoping that I'll get more answers. Though I don't foresee all my questions being resolved since there's at least one more book in the series.

I purchased this ebook from Barnes and Noble for nook. This is an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley